iFaraday Mouthstick


Similar to a conventional mouth-stick but with the iFaraday capacitive tip. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum shaft. Vinyl tubing on mouth end. Removable tip module. The iFaraday tip is durable enough to press keys on a conventional keyboard.





    Comfortable bite-able mouthpiece

    Specify length (up to 18")

    Removable Tip Module


If the standard mouthstick does not meet your requirements please contact me. There are a number of modifications I have made for others, so I am confident I can make something that works for you. There is no extra charge for this service.




Check out at the  iFaraday Store

Spare tips (ruggedized)


Theory of operation


The iFaraday stylus is highly responsive. Only the slightest touch to the touch screen is necessary. If you find the stylus is not responsive, here's what you can do to improve performance...


For any capacitive stylus to work properly, the user should (ideally) make contact with both the stylus and the capacitive device (ipad, iphone, etc.) That is, both the stylus and the device should touch some part of the user's body. If actual contact is not possible, then proximity (a couple of inches) is next best.


If it is not possible to be near the device. Then the device should be mounted to a large metal plate. Generally, if the user is not holding the device then the device is mounted in front of him/her, so this is feasible.


Let's consider an example. Suppose you are in a chair, and your ipad is on the desk.  You are not in contact with the iPad, and you are not in near proximity so something must be done. You could run a wire from the ipad to your hand, but this probably isn't practical. If your chair has some metal, you could run a wire from the iPad to your chair. Or, you could make sure the iPad is sitting on a metal plate. All of these solutions will improve performance. To rule out anything else, touch the device to some part of your body while you test. This will give you a baseline with best results.


If you are in a wheelchair, these things generally take care of themselves, since the ipad is mounted in front of you and that mount is in contact with the metal chair and you are sitting in the chair.


Replacing the mouth piece


Your mouth stick has a rubber or vinyl mouth piece to bite on. To make it easier to remove or replace this mouth piece, run it under hot water for a minute. This will soften and expand the material making it easier to slip on or off. It will return to its original snug fit  when it cools.


Be careful not to get the tip wet while you are fitting the mouth piece. You can use a hair dryer instead of hot water to heat the mouth piece. You can also use a hair dryer to dry the mouthpiece when it gets wet.


Sanitize your mouth piece


When you receive your mouth stick stylus you should sanitize the mouthpiece with alcohol.